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'Whisperings' is a 'best of' collection of fan favorites from David Nevue's first four albums, 'The Vigil,' 'The Last Waking Moment,' 'While the Trees Sleep' and 'The Tower.' An Excerpt from the Linear Notes... "With a piano style somewhere between Chopin and George Winston, David Nevue brings melody and heart back to instrumental music. His neoclassical piano stylings reflect his wide musical influences - Clannad, Chopin, Pink Floyd, Rachmaninoff, Renaissance, George Winston and Rush. David's music also reflects his love of literature, quoting numerous influences from C.S. Lewis to The Bible. David's artistry is demonstrated not only in his music, but in his thematic approach to each album. Rather than creating collections of unrelated compositions, David treats each individual work as but one chapter in a much bigger story that stirs the imagination and carries the listener to a gratifying conclusion."


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